Access Point TP-Link Tl -wa801 Nd N300Mbps

Access Point Tp-Link Tl -wa801 N 300


300 Mbps wireless speed ideal for smooth

HD video, voice streaming, and online gaming
Supports multiple operation modes Access Poin

Multi-SSID, Client, and Range Extender modes
Protects your home network with WPA2 encryption

and makes quick connection with the push of a button
Up to 30 meters (100 feet) of flexible ,deployment with

 included Passive Power over Ethernet Injector

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Multiple Operating Modes- Easy to Build WLAN
Supports multiple operation modes (Access Point, Multi-SSID,Client, Range Extender) to enable various wireless applications to give users a more dynamic and comprehensive experience when using their APs.
Multiple operating modes also help you easily build wireless network for hard-to-wire locations or eliminating wireless dead zone.

Wireless N-Speed & Range
Adopting IEEE 802.11n advanced MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) technology, it simultaneously works through two antennas to Tx and Rx to overcome the interference and signal degradation
through physical barriers in a small office or a large apartment, resulting in an incredible improvement in the wireless performance, even in a steel-and-concrete building.

Above all, you could easily pick up the wireless network during long


Passive PoE Supported - More Flexible Deployment
The TL-WA801N is able to be poweredusing an Ethernet cable to simultaneously send data and electricity to wherever your AP may be located even 
up to 100 feet away.

This feature multiplies your options allowing  you to place the AP in a position that is most convenient to get the best signal possible, such as on the wall or on the ceiling of your office.

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