Barcode scanner Honeywell Yj-HH 360
Barcode scanner Cable HH 360
Brand : Honeywell
Light source : Laser
Scan Type : Laser
Scan speed : 200 scan per second
Scanner Capability : 1D Barcode Scanning
Type : Handheld
Connectivity : Corded
Model Number : YJ-HH360-R-USB
Memory RAM : 256 MB
1400 EGPAdd to wishlistPlace OrderDelivery within 48 hoursFree return within 14 daysCode : 360

Linear-Imaging Scanner:
Balancing performance, strength and ergonomics HH360
Suitable for satisfying browsing needs,
suitable for today's popular O2O
applications To switch between
traditional printed and screen barcodes Codes.
The HH360 provides trouble-free scanning
for both heavy and light industrial applications.

High Performance:
With excellent linear photogrammetry
performance and versatility, HH360
delivers fast 1D image (scans up to 300 checks per second)
Browse standard barcodes (up to 23.4 inches (600 mm)
Scanning distance), high-density barcodes,
or even a bad or damaged ribbon Codes on a device.
It also makes it easy to scan all the online cassettes.
The codes are displayed on the screen
without having to purchase a special scanner.

Superior Hand-held Scanning Performance:
Super Mobile Scan Performance has increased.
Productivity with easy-to-use scanner

Comfort, Ergonomic Design:
Operator comfort and Performance in the form
of a gun Optimal form factor Intensive manual scan

Class-Leading Reliability:
Time goes up and down Cost of additional services
Robust design has never been used
Moving parts and full effect Resistant bumper .

The Latest 1D Imaging Scan Engine:
Controlled long distance And fast scan
Linear advantage software

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