Barcode scanner Honeywell Yj-HH 360

Barcode scanner HH 360

Brand : Honeywell
Scan Type : Laser
Scanner Capability : 1D Barcode Scanning
Type : Handheld
Connectivity : Corded
Model Number : YJ-HH360
Memory RAM : 256 MB

1650 EGPAdd to wishlistPlace OrderDelivery within 48 hoursFree return within 14 daysCode : 360

Linear imaging scanner:
Balancing performance, power and ergonomics HH360 is suitable for browsing needs,
HH360 provides hassle-free scanning

high performance:
With its excellent linear photogrammetry performance and versatility
HH360 provides a fast one-dimensional image

Superior hand wiping performance:
Ultra mobile scanning performance has been increased.
Easy to use scanner


Ergonomic design:
optimum form factor
Intensive manual scanning
rugged design
moving parts
Impact-resistant bumper

Latest 1D imaging scanning engine:
Long-distance and fast linear controlled feature


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