Access Point Tp-Link Deco M5 AC 1300- 2 pack

Deco M5 AC1300 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System


The units work together with the same network name.

 Devices automatically switch between Decos .
A Deco M5 two-pack delivers Wi-Fi to an area of

up to 3,800 square feet.
Deco M5 provides fast and stable connections with

speeds of up to 1267 Mbps .

providing lag-free connections for over 100 devices.
including Parental Controls, built-in Antivirus and (QoS).

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Fast. Stable. Everywhere.
Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System AC1300 Dual-Band Wi-Fi
Deco is the simplest way to guarantee a strong Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your home. Enjoy fast, stable connections for an army of devices in homes up to 3,800 square feet (2-pack) . Setup couldn’t be easier with the Deco app there to walk you through every step.


Wi-Fi dead-zone killer
 Eliminate weak signal areas with whole-home Wi-Fi. No more searching around for a stable connection.
Want more coverage? Simply add another Deco.


Connects over 100 devices
Tired of endless loading? With an ever increasing number of bandwidth-hungry gadgets in our homes, you need a network that can rise to the challenge. With network speeds three times faster than the previous generation routers thanks to 802.11ac wireless technology, Deco can provide lag-free connections for over 100 devices.
Enhanced 11AC speeds
Decos work together to form one unified Wi-Fi network. Your phone or tablet will automatically connect to the Deco that provides the fastest speeds as you move through your home, creating a truly seamless online experience.

Setup Just Got a Lot Easier
Unbox Deco, install the app and then simply follow the on-screen directions. Deco app will take care of the rest and get your network up and running in minutes.


All Decos Work Together
Deco M5 is compatible with other Deco models to form Mesh network. Expand Mesh Wi-Fi coverage anytime by simply adding more Decos.



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