Barcode scanner U.POS UP-862 H 2D
Barcode scanner U.POS UP-862 H 2D

Model: UP-862 2D
Type: Barcode Reader
Light Source: Red LED (lighting)
color temperature 650nm LED
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UP-862 Product Feature
New decoding chip
Can read the paper 1D & 2D barcode;
1D & 2D barcode for mobile phone, tablet, etc Plug and play,

Simple setup, fast use Super wide angle lens is adopted to quickly
Read the barcode of mobile phone screen Professional technology,
Scan Wechat/alipay payment barcode
Error rate as low as 1/5 million times,
Accurate professional technology.
Motion Tolerance: 1meters per sec.
Optional System: 640H*480V pixels (wide VAG)
Minimum Resolution: ≥4mil
Scanning Method: automatic scanning
Shell Material: ABS+PC
Interface: USB-HID , USB-COM , RS232
Weight: 277.3g

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