Barcode scanner Datalogic QM 2430 2D

Brand : Datalogic
Light source : Visible Light
Scan Type : Imeger
Scan speed : 100 scan per second
Scanner Capability : 2D Barcode Scanning
Type : Handheld
Connectivity : Cordless
Model Number : QM2430
Memory RAM : 128 MB
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Datalagic QuickScan QD2400 2D
Imager barcode scanner for the retail and office environment.
Reads all common 1D and 2D
barcodes of paper, labels,
cards and mobile phones and gives
an acoustic and visible signal when reading barcodes correctly.
The QuickScan QD2400 2D
Imager projects a 'Green Spot', a large green
dot on the just scanned barcode
when it has been scanned correctly.

Order options:
The USB-kit includes the Datalogic
QuickScan QD2430 barcode scanner and a straight
USB connection cable.
This set is most commonly used
when you want to connect the scanner to a PC or laptop.
Optionally, the USB-kit is also available
with a 'Handsfree' stand or an 'Autosense' stand.
When you place the QuickScan QD2430
in the 'Autosense' stand, it automatically switches to handsfree mode.
With the USB-kit,
the scanner receives its power from
the USB port to which it is connected.
Scanner without cable: When you order the Datalogic
QuickScan QD2430 as 'Scanner without cable'
you will receive the scanner without a connection cable.
With this option you can put together your own set.

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